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Welcome to the NFB STEM-X Wiki

This wiki is a gathering place for documents, information, and other material relating to NFB STEM-X. This wiki is also a place where on and off site participants can collaborate toward our goal of saving the world from destruction.

Please note that the contents of this wiki are public. Only members of the wiki can edit pages, but anyone can view them. Your username was created in such a way so that your identity is not divulged to the public. Be mindful of the things you post on the wiki so you do not compromise your privacy. For example, mentioning where you live or your full name on the wiki would compromise your privacy.

STEM-X All Program Schedule STEM-X Streaming and Web Conference NFB STEM-X Social Media Feed - This RSS feed contains the tweets and Audioboos from the program. Wiki 101 Quick tips on formatting and using the Wiki.

The ISON Story

The ISON Comit is the basis for the story surrounding the NFB STEM-X focus Discipline curriculum. Each day, another piece of the story will be posted here. Check back after noon to read the new pieces.

ISON Chapter 1 ISON chapter 2 ISON Chapter 3 ISON chapter 4

Focus Discipline (FD) Pages

Enrichment Class Pages


Want to play with a wiki page without fear of breaking something? first, you can't break it! I promise we can undo anything. However, sometimes it's nice to have a place to experiment. visit the STEMX Wiki Sandbox and learn how, and try your hand at, editing.

Social Media

Throughout the week, participants will be using Twitter and Audioboo to talk about their experiences. The Social Media Mashup will display all their activities.

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